Where Not to Live in San Francisco?

There are many topics to go through when planning a move, from choosing the most reliable and profitable moving company to picking out your new favorite go-to place on Friday nights in your new city. However, you shouldn’t do it on your own. The first part of this plan is relatively easy. Affordable movers San Francisco residents rely on are there to step in and help you conduct a stress-free move without breaking the bank. The other part is a bit more tricky. If you’re here to find out more about where not to live in San Francisco, stay here. We will unravel everything you need to know about this city and more!

How to adjust to your life in the new city after moving?

Moving hits everyone differently in an emotional sense. Some people brush it off, while others cope with the change for years. Regardless, both reactions are entirely normal. What’s important is to focus on that process and conduct it as efficiently as possible. One way to do that is to hire residential movers San Francisco offers who will get your focus off the dull relocation process. That way, you can focus on other relevant things, such as post-moving activities.

A couple holding a model of the house
Do the research before relocating.

The first thing you should do is visit San Francisco even before moving there. Organize a family trip one weekend and visit the most famous sites there. Moreover, check out your new house and get to know the overall environment. You probably know this, but you should inspect your house before letting your movers put down boxes. Here are some things you can do to adjust to your new life in the new city:

  • Stay busy – complete your chores, update the address, get to know the new city, etc.
  • Keep your routine – if you were exercising, don’t quit after relocating; if you had a hobby, don’t push it aside. Do things that make you happy.
  • Contact your old friends – It’s essential to stay in touch with your old friends. Although moving messes up your usual schedule, it shouldn’t jeopardize your social life.
  • Be open to new things – Moving requires you to start over one way or another. Try new things, meet new people, and find new places to visit.

Pros and cons of moving to San Francisco

Before we get to where not to live in San Francisco and why, we should talk more about Frisco facts. First of all, opportunists will definitely love living in San Francisco. This city can easily be considered the business capital of the world. It gathers companies and experts from all around the globe and provides fantastic opportunities to those willing to grab life by its head. Whether you want to kick-start your career in a start-up or a successful company, such as Google, Meta, or Apple, San Francisco is your canvas.

Furthermore, this city nurtures diversity and progressive values. Therefore, you will fit in no matter what you do or where you come from. Also, if you’re an eco-friendly type of person, you should know that the public transportation system is amazing. Also, San Francisco is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. However, we should probably pinpoint some cons of living in this city:

  • Notoriously expensive housing costs
  • Frequent traffic jams
  • Homelessness issues
  • Sudden shifts in weather
Crime scene do not cross tape
You must know where not to live in San Francisco. Only that way can you pick the right neighborhood.

Know where to live and where not in San Francisco

Whether you’re relocating to this city ad hoc or have been planning your move for months, you must research San Francisco at least a little. Still, if you need to move basically overnight, last minute movers San Francisco has are there to step in and give you a hand. The reason we’re mentioning this is that you’re permanently moving to the new city, and you need to be aware of where to live and where not to live in San Francisco. The parameters you want to pay attention to when looking for the perfect neighborhood are:

  1. The crime rate
  2. Access to public transport
  3. Homelessness situation
  4. Leisure activities
  5. The education system

Based on these parameters, the perfect neighborhoods are North Beach, Ocean View, Noe Valley, Marina District, and Sea Cliff. Those are the places that local movers San Francisco companies provide will help you move to in no time. However, we should discuss places you shouldn’t live in San Francisco separately.

Why is it essential to emphasize where not to live in San Francisco?

As you already know, San Francisco is not only a business hub but also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In light of those events, there are some challenges the locals face. For instance, pickpocketing is common in Frisco, especially in boroughs like Chinatown, Fisherman’s Warf, and Union Square. Moreover, the crime rate is 91% higher than California’s average. Not only that, but the crime rate in this city is 111% higher than the US average. That is precisely why you should avoid specific neighborhoods because those contribute to those numbers. Here are the most notorious places in San Francisco you should stay away from:

  1. Tenderloin District
  2. Bayview-Hunters Point
  3. Excelsior
  4. Visitacion Valley
  5. Hunters Point
  6. Mission District

Those are boroughs you wouldn’t want piano movers San Francisco area offers to deliver your precious piano to. Moreover, these places are renowned for armed robberies, assaults, toxic leaks, property crimes, etc. Avoid these districts like the plague whether you’re moving to Frisco with your family or alone.

A photo showing one of the places where not to live in San Francisco
Settle in your new city safely.

Get ready to call Frisco your new home

Although we had to say more than a few words about where not to live in San Francisco, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move there at all. There are still some fantastic boroughs that are perfect for families here. Living in the city of San Francisco is amazing but only if you come here prepared. And we hope we somehow helped you make the right choice. All in all, good luck, and contact SF Moving for a free moving estimate!

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