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Moving to another state sometimes can be stressful because it needs to be well-organized to the smallest details. It can, however, be a real blessing if you have someone to lead you. With SF Moving, a move isn’t something you should consider a dreadful experience. From the moment you decide to move, to the unpacking process, we can be with you through each step, if you allow us. Moving from San Francisco to Seattle is something you should be excited about – don’t let the fear of the logistics and preparing for a moving process ruin that. To be sure that you’re going to have a perfect relocation, all you have to do is contact us today and we will make it possible for you.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
The cost of living is one of the reasons people decide to call SF Moving company and leave the city!

Why is SF Moving the company you should trust your relocation with?

We know that moving is a complex process, especially when it is an interstate one. Nevertheless, our San Francisco to Seattle movers are experienced and know how to make you feel calm and ensure that your belongings are safe in their hands. They have planned and conducted many moves from SF to Seattle and you can be sure that they are familiar with all the logistics tasks, routes, and all the other aspects of this kind of relocation. Should there be any obstacles, they know how to handle them properly.

Our interstate movers San Francisco offers also help people when it comes to:

This is proof that city-to-city moving is something our movers in San Francisco are familiar with and there will be no delays or unpleasant surprises when moving with them.

Research the destination before moving from San Francisco to Seattle

Every successful relocation starts with well-organized preparation. To know how to prepare for your move, apart from help from San Francisco to Seattle movers, you need to research the city you are moving to. We know that is not an easy assignment. For that reason, we will make it less difficult for you and familiarize you with Seattle. We may discuss all the distinctions between Seattle and San Francisco. Following that, you can reach out to us and tell us how you want your move to be conducted. We will be glad to be at your disposal during this exciting period in your life.

Attractions in Seattle

There are many interesting things to see and do after moving from San Francisco to Seattle. You can visit Space Needle, as it is one of the best places if you want to get the feeling that you are already familiar with the city. It is the most famous landmark in Seattle and you can see the whole city from there. Seattle is also renowned for being the home of major technological businesses, it is the capital of coffee and the birthplace of grunge music. Whatever the reasons for your move to Seattle may be, it is certain that you will never be left without things to do and attractions to visit.

Space Needle as the first place to visit after moving from San Francisco to Seattle
Visit Space Needle and enjoy the view

How different in size and number of residents are SF and Seattle?

The distance between San Francisco and Seattle is approximately 807 miles. This means that you would need to drive more than 13 hours to get to your destination. It is tiring enough already. Then imagine if you had to worry about your belongings all the time. We don’t want you to spend your moving day that way. One of the main benefits of hiring our San Francisco to Seattle movers is being sure that your belongings will be transferred safely.

San Francisco covers an area of about 46.89 square miles. It has 866,606 residents. When it comes to Seattle, it has an area of about 83.99 square miles and has 769,714 people who call it home. From these, we can conclude that SF is a more crowded place. A greater number of residents and a smaller area are one of the reasons people are moving from San Francisco to Seattle – that they want to relocate to a place that is not so heavily inhabited, though Seattle also has a considerable number of residents.

The cost of living compared

From the experience of our movers who conduct many relocations on the San Francisco to Seattle route, the difference in the cost of living is one of the main reasons why people decide to make this change. The cost of living index in San Francisco is 244.0. Seattle is much more affordable and it has a cost of living index of 167.8. The index of housing costs is 504.4 in SF, while it is 291.9 in Seattle. The median home costs are $851,400 and $1,471,200 in Seattle and San Francisco, respectively.

When it comes to the job market and the unemployment rate, it is not a surprise that San Francisco has a higher unemployment rate which is 5.4%. In Seattle, the unemployment rate is 4.8%. However, the median income is higher in SF which is $78,378, while in Seattle it is $67,365. Now that you know some basic facts about Seattle and its differences from San Francisco, get a free quote as soon as possible and let us conduct your relocation!

Settle buildings viewed from above
Moving from San Francisco to Seattle means you will find more affordable places to live in

Opt for our services and enjoy your relocation

We know that every move is unique. When you want to move from San Francisco to Seattle, you want everything to be perfect. In our offer, we have many services that can help you have a flawless move. Decide what you want, and we will be at your disposal. In addition to doing interstate moves, we have some of the best:

Tell us your wishes and we will tailor our services to fit your needs exactly.

Contact us right now for a pleasant moving experience

Putting your trust in SF Moving is a decision you won’t regret. Every one of our services will, we guarantee, be tailored to your needs. Moving from San Francisco to Seattle has never been simpler. You can contact us to get your free moving quote from us immediately, then enjoy your move!

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