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Moving to San Mateo County and the surrounding San Francisco area is best done with professional help. With SF Moving, a well-trained moving crew will handle your belongings with the utmost care. Our goal is to provide you with a successful, and most importantly, safe relocation. Our movers San Mateo County residents trust have been completing multiple types of moves for years, and therefore have experience in the San Fransico area. We understand all the different relocating needs, which makes us one of the most competent moving companies San Mateo County has to offer. Discover why SF Moving is one of the best choices for relocating to San Mateo County by contacting us today!

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We, at SF Moving, are a licensed and insured moving company that consists of professional movers and moving experts. We understand how relocation requires assistance, and our experience has taught us how to help you overcome any obstacles down the road. Our company has been using modern resources and state-of-the-art moving equipment for years in order to provide our customers with the most reliable moving experience.  Additionally, together with our movers San Mateo County residents love, we can come up with the best strategy to execute the perfect move. In order to achieve that, our customer service is always available for any questions that you might have. Since we value transparency highly, you can always get a free moving estimate on our website!

Our professional movers San Mateo County loves offer all the necessary moving services

Choosing the right moving company for your needs can make your relocation a pleasant experience. Our company values your satisfaction, and we are here to assist you every step of the way. SF Moving’s San Mateo County movers have been relocating people in the area for a long time. We believe our experience has helped us gather all of the necessary information to provide you with an ideal moving occasion. Accordingly, we have chosen the right moving services to fit every relocation type. Some of the services we offer include:

One of the most comfortable ways to have an effortless relocation is by hiring an affordable moving company San Mateo local trust that also offers full-service moving. Every service we provide is carefully tailored to suit every type of moving. This includes carefully packing and unpacking fragile items, transferring your belongings in fully-equipped moving vans, and delivering them on time for competitive price rates. Therefore, a crew of trained professionals will handle each moving task, so you don’t have to deal with relocation stress.

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The extensive knowledge of the area makes us one of the most suitable moving companies San Mateo County offers

If you’re moving in or out of the San Mateo County, and the surrounding places, a San Fransisco-based moving company may be the right option for you. Since SF Moving knows the area well, this makes us suitable for any type of relocation in the area. As a trusted moving company San Mateo offers, we present crews of:

  • East Palo Alto movers
  • Redwood City movers
  • Menlo Park movers
  • San Carlos movers
  • Atherton movers

A moving company that knows the Bay Area can easily overcome all the challenges that come with the territory. Our knowledge of traffic patterns, unique geography, weather conditions, and parking regulations makes us experts in navigating local relocations. If you’re looking for a fast relocation at an affordable price, we are the right moving company San Mateo County has for you.

Why San Mateo County is a great place to live

San Mateo County is home to some of the most desirable cities to live in in the United States, including San Mateo, Redwood City, and Menlo Park. The county’s location in the heart of Silicon Valley makes it an ideal destination for tech professionals, while its proximity to San Francisco Bay offers plenty of recreational opportunities. Additionally, San Mateo County has a robust economy, with major employers like Facebook, Oracle, and Visa headquartered in the area.

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San Mateo County is one of the best places in the Bay Area.

Living in San Mateo County – What is it like?

The overall cost of living is more than twice as high in San Mateo County as the national average. On the other hand, health expenses and utilities are moderately priced, while transportation and housing are the most expensive.

Although high living costs may sound unappealing, the median household income is also significantly higher in San Mateo County. Precisely, at $133,612, it is more than twice as high as the national median household income. This is due to the constant economic development and job market growth. A lot of big employers, especially in the tech field are moving to the Bay Area, resulting in constant new job opportunities.

Housing Options

Before you hire a moving company San Mateo County residents recommend, it is vital to take a look at the housing market. Since this is a desirable location, housing in the area is expensive. The median home is listed at approximately $1.4 million, while the median rent is $2,770. San Mateo County has a diverse range of housing options, from affordable apartments to luxurious homes. Rental prices vary depending on the neighborhood. However, expect to pay a premium for housing in the more desirable areas. Homebuyers will find a range of properties to choose from, including historic homes, modern condos, and sprawling estates.


San Mateo County has an excellent education system, with many highly-rated public and private schools. The county is home to the San Mateo County Community College District, which includes three community colleges and the College of San Mateo. Stanford University, one of the world’s most prestigious universities, is located just outside the county – in Palo Alto.


San Mateo County also has a well-developed transportation system, including highways, buses, and trains. The county is home to the San Francisco International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. Caltrain, a commuter rail system, provides easy access to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

San Mateo County is a great place for raising a family. It has a comfortable climate, good education, high safety ranking, and a diverse community. In addition, there are fun activities throughout the year, lovely restaurants, and beautiful parks. Movers San Mateo County has to offer recommend this area to anyone who is looking for a small, peaceful place that has all the benefits of a big city!

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Relocation doesn’t need to be a stress-inducing experience, and we are here to make sure yours is not. At SF Moving we can complete all the moving tasks while you enjoy getting ready for a new chapter of your life. Give us a call today, and let our reputable movers San Mateo County trusts help you move with ease. The move of your dreams is just one call away! We guarantee your utmost satisfaction and our complete dedication to the safety of your belongings!

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