Where Are People Leaving San Francisco Moving To?

With as many as 875,000 residents, San Francisco is by no means a small city. It’s famous for its booming tech industry, excellent restaurants, numerous art galleries and museums, and many sports events. Still, many people consider leaving San Francisco even with many things to see and do in the city. However, before hiring affordable movers San Francisco offers and hitting the road, see where are people leaving San Francisco moving to!

Why are people leaving San Francisco?

San Francisco is one of the most famous cities in the USA, attracting millions of domestic and international tourists yearly. However, there are plenty of reasons why people leave it behind and settle elsewhere. While some people move away to be closer to friends and family, it seems financial reasons are prevalent.

A girl with luggage going to one of places where are people leaving San Francisco moving to
There are many reasons why people decide to leave San Francisco and try their luck somewhere else

Namely, San Francisco is 144% more expensive than the national average, making good quality of life hard to afford here. The air is also polluted, and the job market might be too competitive for some people. Although the majority of people who leave San Francisco stay in California, some of them decide to move to other states. From the experience of interstate movers San Francisco has, the West Coast states of Nevada, Washington, and Oregon are the most common destinations

San Francisco residents love settling down in Phoenix

Many people leaving the City but unwilling to leave big city life behind consider moving from San Francisco to Phoenix. Phoenix is the most populous state capital in the United States and home to more than 1,6 million people. Phoenix also has a thriving economy, many employment prospects, and an unemployment rate of only 2,9%. Finding a job here will be especially easy for those working in technology or tourism.

Another reason why San Franciscans often move to Phoenix has to do with the lower cost of living here. Namely, Phoenix is a relatively inexpensive city to reside in, with the cost of living only 8% above the national average. Moreover, you’re more likely to afford a home in this city since the average house price is around $394,870. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, you’d have to spend as much as 313,5% more to buy real estate! 

Where are people leaving San Francisco moving to? Seattle!

Every year, many Californians come to Seattle and fall in love with the city’s natural beauty. After all, it’s not without reason that Seattle is called the Emerald City! So, it might be a perfect destination for San Francisco residents looking for a change of climate. Moreover, San Francisco and Seattle have a similar number of residents and a friendly community, so fitting in will be easy.

Park in Seattle
There are many green spaces in Seattle, making it one of the most popular destinations for San Franciscans

Also, it’s safe to say that people won’t miss the urban lifestyle after moving from San Francisco to Seattle. After coming here, they’ll adore Seattle’s fantastic art scene, renowned clam chowder, and picturesque boat rides along Elliot Bay. They can also appreciate getting some fresh fruit at Pike Place Market and spending some time in Olympic Sculpture Park. Finally, even though Seattle is not that affordable, its cost of living is much lower than in The City. As such, moving to Seattle might be a wise financial decision as well! 

Portland is another green option, but closer to home

People looking to live in a green environment, but not so far north, might consider moving from San Francisco to Portland. With plenty of public parks and miles of bicycling and hiking paths, Portland is ideal for outdoors enthusiasts. Sports fans won’t miss San Francisco much, as this city has many sports teams and active fitness culture. Moreover, Portland is home to numerous art galleries, museums, and the oldest public library on the West Coast.

Group of friends in a bar in Portland
Portland’s fun lifestyle is what makes it one of the places where people leaving San Francisco are moving to

It seems like the average opportunities in both cities are actually somewhat comparable. However, San Francisco has a far higher cost of living and crime rate. As a result, life in Portland tends to be far more laid-back and easygoing than in San Francisco. So, if you were dreaming of leading a less hectic lifestyle, Portland might be your new home!

Where are people leaving San Francisco moving to? Some seek sanctuary in Las Vegas

World-famous entertainment opportunities and lower living costs attract San Francisco residents to The Neon City. This is the party capital of the US, so people come here to shake up their lives a bit. Besides, not paying personal income taxes is another advantage of moving to Las Vegas. In any case, it seems that the trend of moving from San Francisco to Las Vegas is on the rise.

Changing the Californian coast for the Nevada desert might be suitable even for families not in the mood for nightlife. Namely, Las Vegas, with a population of 645,000, offers its citizens both suburban living options and big-city amenities. Family homes here cost around $390,542 on average, so they’re much more affordable than in San Francisco. That certainly adds to the appeal of this vibrant city!

So, where are people leaving San Francisco moving to? In all honestly, all around the world. These are just a few places that are a bit more popular than the rest. If you were looking for inspiration, hopefully, this list will help you out! However, when you’re starting anew somewhere, you need to consider only your and your family’s needs. In any case, we’re certain that leaving San Francisco, if that is what you have decided to do, will bring only a positive change to your life! 



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