Common Moving Mistakes You Should Try To Avoid

Moving is a lengthy process. It’s perfectly normal to make unforeseen mistakes, especially if you are moving for the first time. However, we’re here to help you out! In this article, we will provide you with common moving mistakes you should avoid during relocation. With our expert SF Moving teams by your side, you can relax and enjoy stress-free relocation!


Common moving mistakes: how to recognize them?

We will list mistakes that often happen during relocation. Additionally, we will explain what you should do in order to avoid them. Frequent mistakes that clients make are:

  • Not giving your movers a complete list of the necessary information
  • Spending too much time on one task and neglecting others
  • Going over the limit of your budget
  • Forgetting to mark and measure your belongings
  • Losing important documents

One of these mistakes can make a domino effect, therefore; it can affect the whole team of movers and a client. Nevertheless, only experienced companies with reliable moving services in San Francisco know all of the tips and tricks to avoid such situations.

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Only movers with rich experience know what common moving mistakes are and what is the best way to avoid them

Not giving the necessary details to the movers

A way to success is through a good deal. In order for a move to go as smoothly as possible, you should provide your moving company with all of the necessary information. And we mean all of them. If one detail is missing, it can affect relocation in a negative way. A list of the necessary information can look like this:

  • First and last name of a client
  • Contact (phone number, address, email)
  • A type of services needed
  • A new location
  • The exact number of loads you want to transport
  • Date of your relocation

Keep in mind that first and last names and contact are the most important on the list. The moving company will ask you to provide them with these pieces of information, so write the down. You can either send them via email or call the moving company. This way you will prevent unnecessary accidents and delays.

Neglecting tasks

We know packing might be the most time-consuming task during relocation. However, you should not spend too much time doing one task and forgetting others. To prevent this, start with categorizing your belongings. As soon as your moving date is determined, you can begin packing heavy loads and leave light ones for the end. Make a timeline of the things you want to do before a move. Therefore, you won’t be running late!

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Each part of a move is equally important and should not be overlooked

Going over the limit of your budget

This is also something you need to talk about with your moving company. When you finally determine what services you need, you can start calculating your budget. The most important thing is to know the prices of everything you have and need during relocation. This means, finding additional supplies for packing, buying new items, and so on. It’s a smart move to buy more than you need just in case, but do not go over the limit. You don’t want any unnecessary charges that you don’t need. Keep your money in cash and in your banking account.

Forgetting to measure and mark moving boxes is a common moving mistake

We know that during a move there are so many things you need to take care of. But, forgetting to measure and mark boxes for the move is something you should avoid. Forgetting to measure your items means that there might not be available space for them in the truck. This can cause a delay in the whole move because you might need to transport items multiple times. To prevent this, seek help from someone who is skillful enough to measure your belongings properly. You can also ask your partner or a friend who has already experienced relocation. When this is done, write down the measurements on a piece of paper. Measure your items by three standard dimensions, length, width, and weight.

Secondly, forgetting to mark moving boxes can cause confusion. If boxes look the same on the outside, you won’t know what is inside each of them. The best way to avoid this is to categorize items and pack them. Once you do so, mark each category on the visible side of the box! Write down names with vibrant colors such as red. It is also a good idea to mark them by numbers. As you load your item into the truck, write down the number on the box.

Losing important documents

Under no circumstances should you let this happen! Keep these documents in one file. These documents contain important details provided by the moving company and you should always carry them with you. Make a copy of each document and separate them in a special file from the original ones. One of these documents is the bill of lading, the most important document given by the movers. Let them be near your sight. Pack them in your backpacks, purses, or bags, or give them to someone you trust. Moving is stressful by itself and you don’t want additional anxiety.

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You need to be extra careful and do everything on time

Move stress-free and without common moving mistakes with reputable movers

Moving requires a firm organization. It’s well-known that to err is human, but sometimes, mistakes can cause unwanted headaches. However, this should not scare moving beginners. First and the most important thing you need is a credible moving company. The moving company with a great reputation will help inexperienced clients and make this process a piece of cake. Secondly, take a look at all the common moving mistakes that we listed in this article and find your way to avoid them. Take small steps in fulfilling your dreams and think about all of the possibilities you will encounter in your new place. With that being said, we wish you a happy and successful move!

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