The Best Hidden Gems in Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County is famous for its high quality of life and cultural diversity. It is a desirable place to live due to these factors and its proximity to the City of San Francisco. The county has numerous natural attractions, including parks, hiking trails, and lakes. The cities of Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Mountain View are the cities within the County that you should visit. This is because these are the hidden gems in Santa Clara County that many people tend to overlook. The Santa Clara County CA movers recommend visiting all of these places. You should even consider moving to one of them. You will be surprised at how many exciting areas you can find here and how many fun activities there are to enjoy. This is why we are here to tell you all about these hidden gems. Read all about them in the article we prepared for you.

The hidden gems in Santa Clara County you must take a look at

We have already mentioned the three cities you must visit and experience. There will be in detail descriptions of all of these in the article. However, this is not all Santa Clara County offer. Other things worth mentioning are the special events and festivals throughout the year. Additionally, the community here is unique, so it is an exciting experience. In any case, let’s review these Santa Clara County’s hidden gems down below.

Palo Alto

The first thing you will notice about Palo Alto is its downtown area. It is vibrant and filled with many fascinating cultural attractions. It also features a variety of shops and restaurants. Besides its downtown area, there is much more to visit. The Palo Alto Art Center and Stanford University are its infamous cultural attractions. While visiting Stanford University, the Palo Alto movers suggest paying a visit to the Cantor Arts Center on its campus.

people in a park
Opportunities for recreational fun in Palo Alto are endless.

You will find many recreational areas in the city, of which there is none more unique than the Stanford University Arboretum. It is a famous and unique 35-acre botanical garden. There is also plenty of shopping options here in Palo Alto. The absolute best place to go shopping is the Stanford Shopping Center. It is a huge outdoor mall with countless stores and entertainment options.

Los Altos

Another hidden gem is located in the very heart of Silicon Valley. It is right next to the city of Palo Alto, so you can quickly visit it anytime during your stay there. Or, even better, you can take your time and experience everything it offers. Los Altos has various open spaces, with Antonio Open Space Preserve being its most famous one. The Los Altos movers also recommend visiting Redwood Grove Nature Preserve and Shoup Park as well. There is no shortage of cultural attractions here. While here, look at the Los Altos History Museum and Historic Adobe Building. These are well worth visiting, and you will surely like them. Another thing worth mentioning is the city’s distinctive dining options. You can experience international cuisine and charming restaurants when you dine in Los Altos.

Mountain View

The third and final hidden gem in Santa Clara County is Mountain View. One of the most popular attractions here is the NASA Ames Research Center. It features numerous exhibits, and it is quite an exciting place to visit. Mountain View also has a wide range of cultural activities. The Shoreline Amphitheatre hosts all kinds of live events throughout the year. In addition, movers Mountain View has also suggested paying a visit to the famous Computer History Museum. It is exceedingly interesting and offers several activities you can participate in.

people discovering the hidden gems in Santa Clara County
Hidden gems in Santa Clara County are all about cultural and natural attractions.

And interestingly enough, the city also offers several art experiences. Most of them are in the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. Besides this famous art center, you can find many other public art installations in the city. And the last and possibly most unique thing about Mountain View is the unconventional shopping venues. These include countless vintage stores and many community markets.

Hidden Gems in Santa Clara County: Event Edition

Each of these three hidden gems of Santa Clara County is a host to a special event or a festival. The first type of event that comes to mind when this county is mentioned is the farmers’ markets all over the county. These take place weekly and feature a variety of vendors selling almost everything food-related. The most famous markets are the Campbell Farmers Market, Sunnyvale Farmers Market, and the Los Gatos Farmers Market.

Hidden Gems in Santa Clara County: Festival Edition

Palo Alto Festival of the Arts is the first on this list. It is a two-day annual event during the last weekend of August. It features everything art-related, live music and food, and drink vendors. Its most unique aspect is the street painting event. During this event, the artists create drawings on the street’s pavement.

Los Altos Art & Wine Festival is the most special event in Los Altos. It is also a two-day annual event, except it takes place earlier than the previously described event. The Festival features numerous art exhibits and wine tasting. Visitors can taste wines from local wineries and other regions of the world. If, by any chance, you are not a wine lover, there are also craft beer options. It is a family-friendly event that offers something for everyone.

father and daughter at a festival
The various events held here in Santa Clara County make living here a fun and enjoyable experience.

Lastly, we have the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival. It is similar to the Los Altos event but a bit bigger. It has a 50-year-old tradition and attracts over 200000 visitors each year. The festival is typically held during the first weekend of September and is the most prominent art and wine festival in San Francisco Bay Area. If you enjoy big festivals, a welcoming community, and countless activities, consider booking moving services San Francisco companies provide and moving here. That way, you will get to experience the hidden gems in Santa Clara County first-hand.

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