8 Questions To Ask When Hiring Movers

The moving process does not have to be stressful or tiring. The most important thing is to choose a moving company that will perform your move safely and efficiently. You are wondering how to find reliable movers and avoid fraud. To choose the right movers, you should ask a few questions before you sign the contracts. Ask the right questions when choosing a relocation company to prevent surprises on a moving day. Find a professional mover so that your belongings are in safe and experienced hands. That’s why hiring a reliable mover will require your dedication. SF Moving experts have prepared essential eight questions to ask when hiring movers.

Can you get an in-person estimate?

A moving estimate can be obtained by phone or online. However, if you do the quote in person, the moving company will consider all the items you want to move.  To determine the exact cost of the move, they will measure your furniture to determine the size of the truck you will need to relocate. Also, if you are using packing services, they will determine the amount of packing material or if special equipment is necessary. It will help avoid complications during the move or unexpected expenses.

Three people in the process of moving, thinking of questions to ask when hiring movers
One of the questions to ask when hiring movers is whether you can get a quote in person to determine an accurate estimate for the move.

Does the company provide a binding assessment?

Some companies may offer you a suspiciously low price. If the quote is non-binding, your move could end up costing you a lot more. Some moving companies may raise your price on the day of the relocation when there is no time left to find another solution.

In this way, you protect yourself from price increases as long as you stick to your moving plan and don’t add new relocating items. Because of this, it’s worth making this one of the questions to ask when hiring movers.

Are you hiring a licensed moving company?

There are two ways to check if your company is licensed:

  • Long-distance movers that take you across state lines must have a DOT number issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Local moves within the state require the moving company to have a state license

Always check to see if your movers are licensed through the license number. Also, check to see if the company name corresponds with the name of the licensee

What are the coverage options offered by this company?

This service is similar to insurance that covers the cost of your items in the event of damage or loss during transport. All moving companies are required to provide basic liability insurance at no charge. What does this mean? This coverage covers your items for $0.30 per pound for local moves. And for international relocations, $0.60 per pound.

It is clarified that this money will not cover the cost of your damaged or lost items. Some companies offer full value protection. It guarantees that your belongings if damaged or lost, will be compensated or repaired and delivered in the same condition as before the move. If the moving company does not offer full value protection, you can purchase it from a third party.

A mover taking inventory of the boxes
Loading and unloading your belongings requires trained and experienced movers.

One of the questions to ask when hiring movers is what additional services they offer

Your move should have the appropriate moving services in San Francisco based on your needs. Companies offer a wide range of services, so ask them some of the following questions:

  • Do you provide packing services?
    Packing and unpacking are part of this service.
    Ask the mover what type of packing service they offer, what you need to pack, and what the price is for this service.
  • Can the moving company provide you with packing supplies?
  • Who will load and unload the items?
    Moving heavy and fragile items requires experience. For this, you need trained and qualified crews up to the task.

How much do moving services cost, and are there any hidden fees?

To determine the actual moving price, you can use the moving cost calculator. Depending on the number of rooms you have, the distance you have to travel, and other variables, you will get a base figure for your move. Moving costs can vary widely. Each company has its way of calculating moving charges. Some may offer you lower estimates, but that’s why they pay hidden fees. Always check to see what these hidden fees are. It could be a fuel allowance, heavy items, or a staircase allowance. These fees can often be invisible in your contract. Also, check previous customer reviews to see if movers regularly charge extra fees.

Does the company have previous experience with your type of move?

Every move has specific requirements. So, one of the questions to ask when hiring movers is whether the company is familiar with the service you are looking for. If you are moving long distances, delivery times and efficient services for different countries is crucial to you. Similarly, if you are moving across the border, you will need the services of a moving company that understands international regulations and transportation.

A  woman next to a laptop
Ask how the moving company calculates the price.

How does the company calculate pricing?

Your budget may be limited, so it is helpful to know how the moving company calculates the price. Several factors go into calculating the charge:

  • the shipping distance
  • the weight of the shipment
  • the date of the move
  • hourly work rate

Also, request several quotes from competing moving companies in your area. If you have already chosen the company you want to work with, submit a lower bid from a competing company in writing. It is possible to get a lower price to meet a competing offer.

Many factors go into finding a reliable moving company. That’s why it’s crucial to follow these questions to ask when hiring movers. Any reputable moving company should be able to answer these questions to help you choose their services. Finally, the mover should ask you some questions. If they don’t ask a single question and are willing to give you a quote, it’s time to sound the alarm.

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