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White Piano Moving in San Jose

Piano moving is a very difficult process, which we always perform with special care. Relocating this delicate instrument requires great strength and knowledge of every detail of the procedure.

When we moved a white piano from the fourth floor of a house on 449 Race St in San Jose, we started with removing the lid and the percussion mechanism, which decreased the weight of the instrument and ensured the safety of the percussion mechanism. Our movers always take care of the floor safety, which is why we fixed the piano on straps. Before carrying the piano down the stairs, we arranged the straps in a special way so that the piano could stay in a perfectly vertical position (angular position may damage the instrument). Gradually, the piano was moved to the entrance.

The trucks we use for piano moving have the appropriate weight-carrying capacity and are equipped with a hydraulic elevator and special metal holders. Our movers placed the white piano horizontally in a truck, as a vertical position on the wheels wasn’t stable enough. The truck driver drove slowly for additional security.

Once the piano was delivered to the destination point – a small two-storied house on Lick Ave – the movers carefully lowered the piano to the ground and carried in into the living room without damaging the furniture and the floor. The final stage was installing the lid and the percussion mechanism back in their positions.

Piano moving requires careful and responsible approach, and only highly qualified and experienced movers can move this sizeable yet fragile musical instrument. SF Moving is one of the best moving companies in San Jose, which can guarantee a stress-free move for you and your piano.