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Office Moving in San Francisco

The process of moving office strikes terror into the hearts of most office workers. However, there is nothing daunting in moving an office. It is a usual process that can be quick and simple if you know how to organise it properly. People behind know how to make office moving smooth and hassle-free.

Our movers are always eager to help you with your move and share their experience. Once we were asked to move office from the Pacific Business Center. That was a large office with lots of big and small items to relocate. Of course, there were expensive and delicate equipment, like computers, printers and TV sets and tons of stationery, including paper, folders with documents, pens, pencils, and other stuff like that.

At first, the task seemed difficult, as we had to perform the whole process from scratch, i.e. to do all the wrapping, packing, loading, transportation and unloading. However, if you have a detailed plan and know the main secrets of packing, completing this process is possible in a matter of hours.

We’ve started with the smallest items: pencils, pictures, folders and other other personal items of the employees. Personal items and small stationery of each worker were packed in separate boxes and labeled, which has significantly simplified the unpacking process.

Then we put hands to office equipment. We have special boxes and packing supplies that allow transporting delicate and expensive equipment so that it arrive safe and sound. Professional packing supplies are crucial when transporting things like computers and TV sets. We have boxes of different sizes, so each item got its reliable packing box.

Then there was furniture: chairs, tables, several drawer units, cabinets and a sofa. Before taking cabinets and drawer units to the truck, our movers have secured all drawers so that they didn’t get lost or damaged. To prevent the appearance of damages and dirty spots on the sofa, we have wrapped it with a soft but solid cloth.

When the packing process was finished, all items were loaded into the trucks parked near the office building. All items were put and fixed in a way so that they did not move during transportation and therefore didn’t get damaged.

Much attention was dedicated to the transportation of plants, as they are even more delicate than office equipment. Smaller plants were placed in special boxes, while tall ones were wrapped in plastic. Of course, our experienced movers poked holes in the plastic so that the plants could breathe.

When everything was packed and loaded to the trucks we moved to the new office. Though all items were reliably fastened, the drivers drove very carefully. No item was damaged during the transportation.

The first items we have uploaded and unpacked were plants. Other items have been also delivered to the new office. We are proud to say that nothing was damaged during the transportation, though we dealt with many delicate items.

When the office is moved by professionals, like those working in, you can be sure that everything will be done quickly and with no damages. We are ready to move your office!