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Moving case in San Bruno

Moving is never easy. But here at SF Moving we know how to make your relocation as hassle-free as possible. More and more people looking for movers in San Bruno are giving excellent recommendations for our moving services, and we are always happy to share their successful moving experiences.

One of our latest clients from San Bruno contacted us as he needed help moving from 152 Santa Lucia Ave to 3026 Summit Rd. We began by sending our relocation consultant to his apartment. The consultant estimated all the items that had to be relocated and provided our client with a written quote, which listed all services that the client was going to receive. Any extra services are always agreed on before the actual moving starts, so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs.

Our team of movers arrived at our client’s residence at the appointed date and time. All small and medium-sized items were packed as they were, and larger items were disassembled first. We use only high quality packing supplies to ensure the safety of your possessions during the move. We used pad wrapping and shrink wrapping to make sure our client’s floors and furniture remained undamaged. Fragile items were packed with special care using extra-protective packing materials.
When everything was ready to go, the items were carefully loaded into a truck. Our client lived on the second storey of an apartment building. Moving large items down or up the stairs can be quite challenging, but our specialists know how to handle difficult cases, and none of our client’s possessions were harmed.

When loading possessions, we always keep unloading in mind to make the whole move easy and fast. So after our client’s items were relocated, unloading, unpacking and re-assembling didn’t take long. The items were delivered to appropriate rooms, not a single item was lost or damaged. Our client was more than pleased with the result.

If you are looking for a reliable moving company in San Bruno, contact us immediately. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and make your relocation a stress-free experience.