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How We Moved a White Piano in San Bruno

Moving a piano is a challenging task. However, we at, know how to make this process quick and damage-free. Our company has lots of interesting stories proving that we know how to relocate your precious instrument without damaging it.

Here is one of such stories.

Once we secured an order to move a white piano in San Bruno. The main challenge was to take it down from the fourth floor. But our experienced movers are not afraid of difficulties. So, they took all necessary equipment (solid wrapping material, wrapping tape, a rolling skid board) and hit the road.

Though a piano is a large and heavy instrument, it is very fragile and requires delicate handling. Our movers know how to handle this huge and delicate instrument. First, they have closed and locked the keyboard lid, so that is didn’t open during the move. Of course, they didn’t use the tape to fix the lid, as the tape can damage the wooden surface. After that, they wrapped the whole piano with a thick solid cloth, paying special attention to the corners and secured the wrap with a tape.

When the piano was wrapped and ready to move to a new home, our six strong movers loaded it on the rolling skid board and carefully pulled towards the elevator, luckily there was one, big enough to hold the piano. Then it was carefully taken down the staircases and loaded into the truck, waiting right before the entrance. The driver didn’t move till the piano was reliably secured in the truck.

Within about one hour or so, the piano was relocated to its new home and unwrapped. The owners were extremely happy to see their precious instrument safe and sound in their new apartment.

This is one of numerous stories proving that piano moving is a child’s play for our company. We can proudly say that is the best moving company in San Bruno! Check this out!