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4 Amazing Moving Tips You’ll Love

moving tips

Moving can become a big stressful mess for you and your family. And why wouldn’t it be? You are basically packing your entire life into cardboard boxes and taking it to a completely new place.
There are many ways to make your relocation go much more smoothly. Read here to get 4 small but great moving tips.

Tie up loose ends

Well before you even start packing anything, contact all utility and other kinds of service providers you are using to disconnect or transfer the services to your new place of residence. This goes for gas, water, electricity, cable, phone, Internet access as well as lawn care, magazine subscriptions etc. All your memberships might also need to be canceled or transferred, unless you want to keep paying for something you don’t use anymore.

Be organized

Before you begin packing anything, make a list of every single item you are planning to take with you to your new abode. Label every box with a number and a designated room in your new place, and then list everything that goes into each box under the number you gave it. Creating such a list will take hours, but trust us, you’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t buy packing supplies

You will definitely be moving clothes, towels, and bed linen, right? And you probably have some old newspapers waiting for their time to shine. Why not use them to protect fragile items and to fill in empty spaces in the boxes? Moving is a blow to your wallet anyway, so just use what you already have instead of spending extra money on bubble wrap and packing paper.

Pack head

You definitely don’t use every single thing there is in your current home every day. So pack away all that stuff you know you won’t need in the last few days before the move. If it’s winter, pack your summer clothes. Your little home library also won’t mind spending a few nights in a box. This way you’ll save yourself some precious time when the moving finally comes.